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Try Genuine Wild Olive Oil From Ancient Greek Olive Trees

A true all-in-one natural wellness superfood that delivers abundant health, glowing skin and radiant hair.

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The Health Benefits Are Absolutely WILD!

✓ Gold Standard Certified
✓ 10x More Antioxidants
✓ Supports Healthy Cholesterol 
✓ Anti-Inflammatory Properties
✓ Strengthens Hair & Nails
✓ Supports Gut Health
✓ Assists with Digestion & Bloating
✓ Lowers Blood Pressure
✓ Promotes Glowing Skin
✓ Supports Brain & Heart Health
✓ Improves Joint Mobility

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The Wild Olive Is Gold Standard Certified By The World’s Leading Scientific Expert On Medicinal Olive Oils

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Prokopios Magiatis

Professor, Ph.D., M.Sc (The World Olive Centre for Health)

“This oil is within the top 3% of any olive oil I have tested for antioxidant content in my 20 years of studies”

The WILD Science - How It Works

It's all about the antioxidants. Olive trees grown naturally in a totally wild environment produce 10 times the antioxidant levels found in farmed Olives.

The latest science confirms what people living in the Mediterranean region have known for centuries. The high polyphenol content of beneficial antioxidants in Olive Oil delivers key health benefits when consumed regularly - and it's definitely Wild and Greek!

Studies show the specific species of Olive Trees unique to the region of Southern Greece growing wild in their natural environment produce the highest levels of antioxidants.

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The Two Oils You Need

Brimming With The Antioxidants and
Micronutrients Your Body Craves

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Genuine Beyond Organic Wild Olive Oil

A supercharged medicinal olive oil packed with the highest levels of beneficial antioxidants that deliver many health benefits and fights free radical damage to slow the ageing process. Take 20ml internally daily or apply direct to the skin.

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Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Harvested from unripe olives from the original Greek Athenolian olive trees. The choice of leading chefs. Packed with powerful micronutrients your body and soul craves. Perfect for cooking and finishing the best meals and is ideal for anyone passionate about nourishing their body.

Discover The Only Medicinal Wild Olive Oil From Ancient Greece

Wild Grown Olive Oil has been used for centuries for health, improved immunity and longevity. A true cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet.

It is a true superfood and should not be confused with supermarket or 'normal' olive oils, which are mostly farmed. 

Growing wild with no human intervention in their natural environment, the olives produce 10 times the level of beneficial antioxidants that many scientific studies have shown deliver key health benefits including reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and assisting to improve digestion, heart, brain, skin and joint health.

Simply consume one tablespoon a day to feel the difference.

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See Where Our Olives Come From


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"As a chef I’m in constant search for incredible produce and from the first taste the Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil simply blew me away. This olive oil has no comparison, it is simply the best!"

Michael Reid (Chef, Ready Steady Cook, My Market Kitchen)

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"Wow! I can taste and feel the difference from these beautiful products. I am very much about nourishing my body from the inside out, and adding a medicinal grade olive oil like this one can have such amazing results on your health."

Rachael Finch (TV Presenter & Wellness Advocate)

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"I had never thought of olive oil as a medicine until The Wild Olive. Once I learned about the origins of the wild olive oil and its incredibly potent antioxidant profile, I was hooked! Plus the taste is without comparison."

Nick Broadhurst (Singer, Songwriter, Podcaster & Educator)

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“The Wild Olive Oil is epic. It has become part of my daily routine and I will definitely be ordering more!"

Melissa Ambrosini (Bestselling Author, Speaker, Podcaster & Entrepreneur)

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Wild Olive Oil

$98.95 (250ml)

Single bottle of Wild Olive Oil
Buy a Twin Pack & SAVE

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Early Harvest

$36.95 (250ml)

Single bottle of Early Harvest Oil
Buy a Twin Pack & SAVE

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The Wild Olive Duo Pack


Duo Pack (1 x Wild Olive Oil and 1 x Early Harvest Oil)

Here’s What My Raving Customers Have To Say About Our ‘Miracle Oil’…

Being Asian, my skin type is prone to keloid scaring where scar tissue becomes raised and purple / brown in colour. Since using the wild olive oil on these scars I've had for eight years they have taken 90% of the keloid scaring away in just one month. And another bonus positive effect of the oil, my recent cholesterol test came back better then ever before, it is usually healthy though this time my LDL was a PB of 3.0!

Priscila Vlachos

I've suffered for years with digestive issues including irritable bowel syndrome, as well as hormonal breakouts due to polycystic ovarian syndrome. Since taking your oil, my digestive system has improved significantly; I no longer stress about irregular bowel movements and I am not experiencing the usual bloating feeling or distention of my abdomen. I have noticed a dramatic change in the appearance of my skin, so much so that people are commenting on how clear it is and how youthful I look. I will definitely be continuing with your oil. Thank you!

Leandra Masino

I have been taking The Wild Olive oil for the past three weeks. In this time I have noticed improved skin and hair health which is evident by an increased glow to skin and shine to hair. It has helped regulate bowl movements which has made me feel lighter and more energised.

Jessica Lindon

My skin story dates back almost 8 years ago now, or at least the beginning of my ongoing battle with psoriasis. I've tried countless products over the years without much luck but one thing I can safely say is I'm very thankful to my friend Evan for sharing his The Wild Olive Oil with me. I used it for approx. 2 weeks straight and within that time frame my digestion and bowel movements had evidently improved and although psoriasis was still present on my body I had 3 separate comments on how flawless and healthy my skin (face) was looking. It's a big YES from me, a new customer for life.

Megan Waters, Psoriasis Warrior and Millennial Gut Health Victim

I have been taking a tablespoon of The Wild Olive oil now for a month and have found many positive effects. In particular, my digestive system is detoxing regularly. I exercise daily, take it after each session and have found I no longer feel inflammation of joints, and believe it has helped with muscle recovery. After a few days of taking the oil, it taste pleasant and is easy to drink. I will keep using The Wild Olive oil as it helps with my overall wellbeing.

Joe Lo Presti

“Beyond Organic Wild Olive Oil Cured My Chronic Folliculitis When All Else Had Failed Me”

I want to briefly share my own personal story so you understand why I’m so passionate about wild olive oil. I struggled with chronic folliculitis my entire life. I saw countless doctors and dermatologists but nothing they gave me would work long term. It eventually came back just as bad, leaving me disappointed yet again.

Eventually, a close friend told me about the healing powers of wild olive oil – and while skeptical, I thought I’d give it a try because I had nothing to lose. I was absolutely shocked by the results. 12 months later and my skin is still clear, healthy and glowing like never before!

This led me to wanting to share this with the world and started my journey in researching and creating my own Wild Olive Oil, for everyone to experience the benefits of this ancient superfood.

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